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Thread: New zoning database suggestions?

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    Mar 2011

    New zoning database suggestions?

    We have an outdated system of tracking rezonings, variances, conditional uses, subdivisions, etc. I'd like to set up a database that can eventually be tied to GIS (that will have to come later). I've got plenty of experience using Access so I'm comfortable actually creating the database, but I'm not sure what I can use for a unique key to track the different applications. I'd like to get to a point where I can look up a piece of property and see all actions that have been done to it or are pending. My first thought was to use the parcel number as the unique ID, but if the parcels are divided (or combined) the tax parcel ID will change.

    Any suggestions or experience on how this database can be designed? Thanks!

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    The best way is to create a unique key for each record. Using address or parcel ID generally causes issues at some point or another. Having an extra field for Unique ID and then working to relate the databases with this new ID, you will have better success keeping the database clean from trouble down the road.

    Good luck.
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    We track by parcel tax ID & docket #.
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    We track by Parcel ID# and unique ID Number:

    Zone Change - ZCH Year-0XX
    CUP - Year-0XX

    The unique number corresponds with our folder tracking numbers.
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