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Thread: Map resources

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    Map resources

    Hi, student here. I was just wondering what resources planners use to get base maps for projects. Most time, Google Maps/Earth is out of the question - I just want to find outlined maps that I can import into Photoshop/Illustrator/CAD to edit on. Any ideas?


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    It depends on the level of geography and the base layers you may want to have shown, as well as how you want the final image to look. I have used three techniques:
    1) There is a great deal of GIS data online. I will search out the layers I need, create the base map in the GIS, and export it as a JPG or TIF image to use in a drawing or photo editing program.
    2) Sometimes it is possible to find simple line drawings online in a format that I can use. For example, you can easily find free world maps, maps of the US states, and even states and counties.
    3) I will sometimes create my own, using aerial photography or a map image to trace the elements I want and construct a new map.
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