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Thread: Is an MLA totally different from an M.Arch?

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    Is an MLA totally different from an M.Arch?

    For the people that did dual degrees, is the MLA a totally different animal than the M.Arch? I know they're related fields but is Landscape Architecture less intensive of design or more so than the M.Arch? Is it more related to urban planning?

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    May 2012
    I wasn't dual degree, but from classmates who were, I'd suggest the MLA as being more applicable to urban planning. I wouldn't necessarily characterize one as more design-heavy than the other, as they're both design degrees, but with MLA you'll deal more with the public realm than the details of individual buildings.

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    I just didn't like the straight arch course I took, I guess I just couldn't fully wrap myself around it as I am really much interested in urban planning/design. I was hoping and MLA had a different form or was different altogether considering it;s still a design degree

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