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Thread: Question about change of use triggering additional required parking

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    Oct 2012
    Wilton Manors FL

    Question about change of use triggering additional required parking

    Hello my name is Julie and I have a question.

    My church just purchased a new premises in Wilton Manors. It used to be a bank. It was built in the 70s. We are now seeking building permits to refurbish the premises and are required to bring quite a bit up to code.

    The City of Wilton Manors have given us a specification of the parking space dimensions that need to be expanded on from the existing space size, due to the change in the code requirements. My question is this. 1) What year was the code changed to increase the size of the space requirement and 2) is it possible to allocate a portion of the spaces as per the code and allocate the remainder portion for compact cars only, leaving them the size they are?

    I'd be grateful for your response.

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    Hi, Julescook and welcome to Cyburbia. Because your post is more a question than a true introduction thread --and because you'll get more and better responses in this thread -- I moved it from the Introduce Yourself subforum. Again, welcome to Cyburbia.
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    Julie -- Because almost all municipal codes vary to an extent, I advise you to contact Wilton Manors for answers to your questions. Call them at 954-390-2180. You will find your local planners are helpful and friendly people. Here's a link.


    That didn't work so well...cut and paste the link into you browser. That will work.
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