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Thread: Blast from the past 10/17/12

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    Feb 2004
    on my 15 minute break

    Blast from the past 10/17/12

    Anyone remember watching the show "In Search of". Starring Spock as host?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6JlC6Px38I go to 3:33 for a real taste of sensationalism at its finest!

    They used to have shows about ghosts, Nessie, bigfoot, UFO's, and other strange but unexplained phenomenon. Fun stuff
    People will miss that it once meant something to be Southern or Midwestern. It doesn't mean much now, except for the climate. The question, “Where are you from?” doesn't lead to anything odd or interesting. They live somewhere near a Gap store, and what else do you need to know? - Garrison Keillor

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    Mar 2004
    Where the weak are killed and eaten.
    Yes I remember it well. Sunday night I think, possibly after 60 Minutes or on another channel during it.

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