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Thread: Whether to omit GRE from Hunter application

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    Mar 2011
    Northeast Ohio

    Whether to omit GRE from Hunter application

    I have searched the forums and found no adequate answer to this question, so I figured why not ask.

    I am applying to Hunter, its one of my top choice schools, and I was wondering if I should send them my GRE (which is not required, but optional). I don't know how they will react to this score.

    Verbal 162 89% or 640
    Quant 153 56% or 680 (I can see why they reset the scores, those old scores are out of wack)
    Writ 4.0 49%

    While my verbal is quite high, the quant and writing are just middle of the road. Is it worth sending them, or will it just hurt my application? My GPA is 3.96 btw.


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    Mar 2012
    Fredericksburg, Virginia


    Hi there,

    I think it all depends on the rest of your application. Do you have a strong GPA? Work/Interning experience in a related field? Great references? All of these factors play into your application. I say, if you have great grades and good references, leave it out. You don't want your GRE to become a red flag for the admissions committee. If you think it would really add to your application (I'm not sure it will), then go for it... but to be honest, a strong verbal score doesn't speak more to me than say, a well-written goals statement.

    Hope this helps,


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