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Poll results: How many cups of coffee do you drink an average a day?

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    5 13.51%
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    8 21.62%
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    4 10.81%
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    1 2.70%
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    5 13.51%
  • this damned mouse wont hold still long enough for me to click!

    3 8.11%
  • I don't like the taste and hence dont drink coffee

    5 13.51%
  • You drink coffee and not Coke? You.....hate....America!

    4 10.81%
  • Former coffee drinker here

    1 2.70%
  • only drink coffee when burning the candle at both ends

    1 2.70%
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Thread: Coffee

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    Chairman of the bored Maister's avatar
    Feb 2004
    on my 15 minute break


    Here’s what I know (or think I know) about coffee:

    - It originally came from the middle east about 500 years ago
    - If you’ve never consumed it before, a single cup will make you jittery for hours
    - I usually drink about 4-5 cups these days (and will often get headaches if I don’t drink a couple cups on weekends)
    - Coffee usually smells better than it tastes
    - Smelling coffee may be the only part of the Barnes & Noble shopping experience I enjoy
    - I never drank coffee until I was maybe 19
    - The beverage has a long history of being associated with intellectuals (hence its frequent presence in connection with book stores
    - Truck drivers must have an intellectual bent of some kind
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    Cyburbian btrage's avatar
    May 2005
    Metro Detroit
    I tend to drink coffee more out of a cultural habit than a need for caffeine. I probably average 1-2 cups a day, and there are days when I don't have any.

    A few years ago, I gave up coffee for an entire year and it really wan't that hard. I definitely drank more tea during that time.

    My wife bought me a Keurig coffee maker last Christmas since she doesn't drink coffee. I drink less coffee at home now because I'm only making one cup at a time, instead of an entire pot. I really like my Keurig.

    Our work coffee is kind of bad, or I'd probably drink more.
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    Cyburbian WSU MUP Student's avatar
    Mar 2007
    Lowering the PCI in the Hills
    I drink <1 cups a day on average. My coffee of choice is usually the espresso-based drinks that are really just a giant cup of sugar and fat. I go to Starbucks or Biggby a few times a week (I have slowly been cutting back from my twice a day habit over the last month).

    If my in-laws or my parents are visiting however, I will drink a lot of coffee because they always want some so I have to make a pot or two.
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    Cyburbian DetroitPlanner's avatar
    Mar 2004
    Where the weak are killed and eaten.
    I typically drink about 3-4 cups a week. More if I am with my parents.
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    Cyburbian Fat Cat's avatar
    Nov 2006
    Rockwood, MI

    Fat Cat

    I aquired the tea habit when I was in the pacific rim and had problems finding good tea when I came back to the world. So I started drinking coffee, 6-8cups a day, and still drink that much, but now with the plethora of oriental shops, I am able to get "good tea" and drink both, and yes I am like the kid on south park

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    Forums Administrator & Gallery Moderator NHPlanner's avatar
    Apr 1996
    New Hampshire
    Never been a regular coffee drinker.

    I'll have an occasional iced coffee, but that's about it.
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    Cyburbian Planit's avatar
    Mar 2005
    In a 480 square foot ex baseball nacho stand
    I take my caffeine carbonated (but I love the smell of coffee)
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    Cyburbian dandy_warhol's avatar
    Aug 2005
    I hate coffee and even the smell, most of the time. The guys in my office drink some kind of coffee that smells like a cross between a rotting corpse and poop. I don't know why anyone would want to stick their nose close to a steaming mug of that, let alone have their breath smell like it.
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    Cyburbian Mud Princess's avatar
    Aug 2002
    My thoughts on coffee:

    - I wasn't a coffee drinker until I was in my late 30s.
    - I used to drink a lot more tea.
    - I am very particular about my coffee. I like Green Mountain coffee the best... that's what we drink at home.
    - When I'm on the road, I prefer the coffee at Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Horton's over Starbucks (which is overrated, IMHO).
    - That powdered white stuff they call non-dairy creamer is disgusting. I like half-and-half in my coffee, but if it's not available, I'll settle for black coffee.

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    Cyburbian Cardinal's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    My drink of choice is Diet Coke. I was drinking too much (alright, probably still am) but I cut back to one can per day. After that I will survive on other liquids.

    When it comes to regular coffee I will do an occassional cup when traveling or in a business meeting. I do like to go sit in a coffee shop at times when I need to get some reading or creative thinking accomplished. In these cases I will usually have a cappuccino in cooler months, or maybe a blended drink in summer. Since I started to visit a good coffeehouse in the neighboring downtown that has changed. They have a wonderful honey latte (honey and cinnamon) for cooler days and I made the switch to a berry smoothie in summer. I do miss the times gone by when I would spend a summer day sitting by the window of a coffee shop in Madison and watching the pretty coeds walk by. That was good coffee.
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    Cyburbian ofos's avatar
    Jul 2006
    Slightly Off-Center
    - Started drinking coffee in high school
    - Currently drinking 4-6 cups per day
    - Have been much higher than that in the past
    - Drink only 2-3 cups on weekends
    - Only drink black coffee except for occasional after dinner with Bailey's or similar.
    - Don't like tea unless it's iced tea
    - Can drink coffee before bedtime and still sleep
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    Cyburbian Coragus's avatar
    May 2002
    On the edge of the abyss
    I figure I drink about five cups a day. I'd drink more, but the powers-that-be are strange about the coffee maker in the afternoon.
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    Cyburbian Zoning Goddess's avatar
    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    I like coffee it but it has to be decaf, which I usually only have on chilly mornings, maybe 2 cups. Real coffee causes severe body function problems I won't describe. Most days I stick with Diet Dew.

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    OH....IO Hink's avatar
    Jan 2005
    Hang on Sloopy...land
    I drink about a cup of dirt water a day. Don't like the taste, and I try and hide the flavor with creamer and sugar.

    It is better for my teeth than Coke though.... or so I'm told.
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    Cyburbian otterpop's avatar
    Jul 2003
    Down by Dun Ringill
    Blog entries
    I've never drank coffee. I think it is because my parents made their slow drip coffee very strong. They drank one cup of coffee a day but it was a potent black ink. Just the smell of it would make me a bit queezy. My mother was would make the coffee while my dad was getting ready for work. She would pour the coffee into cups and carry it back on a tray to their bedroom, where they would have a cup together. A cup of bitter black coffee with just a little sugar.

    When traveling my mom kept a jar of instant coffee in her purse. The restaurant coffee was anemic for her taste, so she would boost it with a spoonful of instant coffee.

    The coffee was delivered to the house by the Standard Coffee Service.

    My wife is Colombian, so naturally she likes her coffee and drinks a couple cups a day. She loves establishments (banks and auto repair places) that offer free coffee. She never passes up the chance for some free joe. She drinks her coffee with a splash of milk or cream.
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    Cyburbian Otis's avatar
    Mar 2002
    Upper left edge
    I don't like coffee taste or smell. I used to take my caffeine carbonated, but gave that up a few years ago. I'm stimulant-free these days.

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    Cyburbian Bubba's avatar
    Aug 2005
    Above urban19's plane field
    Currently at two cups per day, but I was recently told by a doctor to either cut way back or just go ahead and stop ingesting caffeine altogether...not looking forward to the headaches if I do quit cold turkey (although they will pass eventually).
    I found you a new motto from a sign hanging on their wall…"Drink coffee: do stupid things faster and with more energy"

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    Cyburbian Rygor's avatar
    Jun 2009
    Where the Wild Things Are
    I've never been a coffee drinker, but I did work at a coffee shop at one time while in college. I always liked the smell but never the taste.
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    Cyburbian Brocktoon's avatar
    Apr 2006
    Promoting synergies...
    I fill my travel mug half full before I leave for the office. It holds 16oz so I guess I drink two cups a day.

    I was a casual coffee drinker before my daughter was born...I did not even own a coffee maker. After she was born I went to Target and picked up two boxes of diapers and a coffee maker. The lady behind me was staring at my cart and I looked at her and said, " can you tell I am a new father?" Since then I drink coffee every day.
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    Never learned to drink the stuff.
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    Cyburbian wahday's avatar
    May 2005
    New Town
    Wow! A lot of non-coffee drinkers here. I don't know what is wrong with you all, but that's just more for me.

    I do love coffee. Its not always the best choice, I will admit, especially when it makes me jittery. But I do love the smell and taste of a good cup o joe! In fact, I think the smell of fresh ground coffee is even more pleasing than freshly brewed.
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    Super Moderator kjel's avatar
    Dec 2005
    Wishing I were in Asia somewhere!
    Blog entries
    I love coffee. My partner is lovely and already has a Dominican style cafe con leche made for me when I wake up in the mornings. Generally will have another regular brewed coffee when I get to the office or job site.
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    Cyburbian michaelskis's avatar
    Apr 2003
    Somewhere between the mountains and the ocean.
    I have a coffee addition. I have my first two cups before I leave the house, two cups on my way to work, a cup or two when I get to work, a cup sometime after lunch, and a cup after dinner.

    I also grind my own beans and mix my own blends. Recently I have also been adding a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg to the grounds before I grind the beans.
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    Cyburbian terraplnr's avatar
    Feb 2005
    The first half of the first cup of coffee in the morning is almost better than… chocolate. Ooohhh… a mocha sounds nice now… darnit! I like me some coffee. But just about 2 cups per day of the caffeinated kind, after that it’s too hard to sit in my seat and do actual work.

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    Cyburbian Richmond Jake's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Emerald Coast
    I fill the Oster coffee maker to the 6-cup mark every morning. That equates to about 3-1/2 mugs. Hands still as steady as a surgeon's.
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