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Thread: Colicky babies

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    Quote Originally posted by TerraSapient View post
    Another month goes by and no improvement. It has been two hours since he started crying this evening.

    64 days old. MW and I could really use a solid night's sleep.

    Allegedly they grow out of this between 3 months and 1 year.

    Though the crying isn't getting better, our tolerance of it has grown. On the bright side, I haven't cried myself to sleep in at least a month.

    Edit: I am so envious of my friends who have babies right now that don't cry like this. I will pay this child back for this when he is 16 and wants to sleep in on the weekends.
    RT was like this. The fog lifted at 4 months. The baby has never had a day like this (touch wood!) and she's nearly a year old-she's never napped well, 90 minutes max, but that is more desirable than colic.
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    I don't think the amount of crying and the stress it creates is fathomable to anyone who has not been through it. It is one thing to conceptualize 3-6 hours of crying each night, 7 nights per week, for weeks on end. It is another thing to know what that is and how it changes your life.

    You get up for work (for me that is 6am).
    Between 6am - 7am, when I leave for work, is the only time I get to spend at home on most days when the baby is almost never crying. It is also the only time I really get to see the baby in a good mood, when he actually smiles and coos and seems happy.
    Work all day.
    Home at 5:30pm.
    Baby starts crying between 10 minutes later and 7pm.
    Baby cries until I fall asleep. If I'm super lucky, I get an hour of non-crying time mixed into that time slot and MW and I can eat at the same time. This is extremely rare.
    Baby cries periodically throughout the night.

    I'm not talking about weeping here. I'm talking about full on crying fits, screaming, wailing inconsolably.

    It completely destroys yours nerves.

    Edit: I realize that I have no right to complain. I just need to vent sometimes to keep from losing my sanity.
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    TS, it doesn't sound as though you're complaining. This is a safe place to vent. I can't imagine what you're going through.

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