Hello All!
I've done some searching on this, but I could not find anything. I was wondering if anyone knows when I should contact folks at UCLA about GSR positions. For a bit of context this is what it says on the UCLA website:
GSR appointments depend on the extramural or Academic Senate grants secured each year by individual faculty members. Interested students should contact a faculty member working in their area of interest. The Lewis Center for Regional policy Studies and other research centers also offer a number of GSR positions each year.

Should I do it now? Wait a month? Also, if anyone has any suggestions on the email I'd send, I would appreciate it. Here's what I'm thinking:

- I'm Queen Ducky 21
-I'm applying to UCLA
- I've got great experience that would help you out immensely!
-I want to be your GSR. <-- I need some help on this so it doesn't sound like a totally pathetic cry for help.

Any help would be appreciated!