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Thread: Career advice - what should be the milestones for a planner

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    Oct 2012

    Career advice - what should be the milestones for a planner

    Hi everyone,
    I came across this platform a few days ago and must say, this is what I have wanted for quite a while now - sharing ur pains and joys where people actually understand.

    I am an Architect- Planner from IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology) and have started working 6 months back. And while I am enjoying my work, I am constantly bothered by the fact " if I am doing enough". India is a growing and developing country and there is a plethora of activity going on in the urban planning sector. There are private players - big shots who have entered the sector and changed it in a big way.

    I am an ambitious person and in 10 years I see myself in a leadership role at a regional level. I have never given much though as to whether that is even possible - my positivity is contagious. But recently I thought of evaluating my work in the last 6 months and I am not sure if I am in the right tract. I would give a brief of what I have done till now. Before I start I must set the context that the company I work for is a small one an I am the only resident planner - with senior consultants coming in for overseeing.

    1. Feasibility report preparation for realignment of XXX road - a small project involving primary survey of the community where the road realignment is concerned, analysis of the drawbacks of the proposed alignment, proposing feasible alternatives and report preparation - handled completely be me - time period 3 weeks

    2. master planning for " XXX Local Planning Area" ( 700 sqkm - rural setting) - I was responsible for population projection for 2021, 2031, field survey, analysis of primary survey data, collection and compilation od secondary data, analysis of structure plan, analysing sectoral policies and proposing activities on the basis of field survey and sectoral policies - 4 months duration

    3. Concept plan preparation for Coordinated Planing Scheme - on the lines of " Town Planning Scheme" - for a 1100 acres site -1 month

    Besides I have also been responsible for preparing technical documents for tender submission, following up with clients, attending pre-bid meetings etc.

    I am not sure if I have provided enough information for you to give me inputs. But I am looking forward to motivating comments.

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    The kind of experience you're getting seems good for what you want... you're just going to need more of it. Just keep working... that's all the advice I have.

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