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Thread: Who's going to see Skyfall 007?

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    ^I lost a similar battle and my punishment was This is 40.

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    One of my wife's girlfriends lives in the Bahamas...she went to see Skyfall right around the time it opened down there...realized pretty soon after it started that she was siting next to Sir Thomas Sean Connery...how cool is that?
    I found you a new motto from a sign hanging on their wall…"Drink coffee: do stupid things faster and with more energy"

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    I went to see Skyfall last weekend.... ended up seeing Les Mis. I lost that round... Mrs. Hink 1, Hink 0.
    Les Mis is on don't care if I ever see it list. I saw the play/musical in East Lansing and hated it then.
    When did I go from Luke Skywalker to Obi-Wan Kenobi?

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