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Thread: Degree in planning and their applicability across the world.

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    Oct 2012

    Degree in planning and their applicability across the world.

    Hi Cuburbians,

    I am from India and I have a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of City Planning degree, that is accepted all over the country. So what are the possibilities that I could get a job as a planner in another country - with say, 10 years experience in India. Do you need to have different credentials for that? And to what extend is it a viable option if one thinks of making it a planner in a country different from one's own?

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    Jul 2008
    That's hard to answer since it depends on a great many things. I think in general it'd be difficult to move although it's definitely not impossible. If you manage to work for an internationally focused firm or have a unique skill set, you'll probably have an easier time finding a job abroad. Then of course it depends on what country you want to work in.

    Personally I think this is one of those things you have to plan ahead for. You have to choose jobs at home that'll move you toward work in another country. I don't think you'll meet with much success if you just decide after 10 years of work at some random planning job that you suddenly want to move abroad.

    I know in the United States, internationally focused jobs often require international experience. That creates a conundrum in that getting international experience is difficult when no one will hire you because you don't have any. Internships and volunteering are typically what bridge this gap.

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