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Thread: The Retired Reference

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    Nov 2002

    The Retired Reference

    Is there a certain etiquette for dealing with a professional reference who's retired? Is it bad form to call your former boss at home and ask if he'll mind continuing to be your reference? Are you just supposed to stop listing him and move on?

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    A two part answer:

    1) Some potential employers want to speak to former bosses. In many cases these people have moved on, retired, or dead. I will usually note that the person I reported to is no longer there. In some cases I may offer that a coworker is still with the organization and I can provide contact information. Otherwise they can talk with HR and all they will get is a confirmation of employment.

    2) You may be using your former boss as a personal reference. There is nothing wrong with continuing to list them as a personal reference after they retire. I would do this if you have a personal relationship or regularly keep in touch.
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