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Thread: Your personal boycotts

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    Cyburbian WSU MUP Student's avatar
    Mar 2007
    Lowering the PCI in the Hills
    Applebee's - I had a series of visits with absolutely horrible service in Jacksonville, NC about a decade ago and haven't been back to any of their locations since
    Susan G. Komen - When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about 15 years ago and we wanted to make some donations we looked up their financials and realized that they spend a HUGE amount of money on advertising, relative to what they spend on research. They are also bully's who have copyrighted doing something "For the Cure" and are attempting to copyright the color pink and are very litigious towards other, often more reputable, non-profits. Our money goes to a specific hospital and university research programs instead.
    Boy Scouts of America - I do not agree with their efforts to exclude homosexuals (however, if I had a son, and he wanted to join the Boy Scouts, I would voice my concern but probably not stand in his way).
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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally posted by terraplnr View post
    Why do you avoid Paypal? I know nothing about them either way, was just wondering if there's something I should know.
    I don't like how they can lock up your account/money on a whim nor do they don't offer protection on par with a credit card. I recognize that these problems crop up very infrequently but it's just not something I want to deal with. I just assume use a credit card or check and avoid the middleman.

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    Cyburbian Linda_D's avatar
    Nov 2006
    Jamestown, New York
    I don't shop at Walmart. I don't like anything about them, from their politics to the way that they drive smaller, especially local, retailers out of business to their selection of products (you won't find hard to find items there) to their parking lots. I especially don't like the way that they treat their female employees.
    If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. -- John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1961

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    Cyburbian Rygor's avatar
    Jun 2009
    Where the Wild Things Are
    Burger King
    Taco Bell
    Olive Garden (food poisoning)
    Susan G. Komen
    The Catholic Church
    Most protestant churches
    American Airlines
    Fox News
    Any company that has a ridiculously stupid commercial
    "When life gives you lemons, just say 'No thanks'." - Henry Rollins

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    Cyburbian Brocktoon's avatar
    Apr 2006
    Promoting synergies...
    I forgot Olive Garden and Red Lobster. The OG is nothing more than sugary salad dressing, over buttered bread sticks and mushy meat covered in a bland sauce. What suprises me is they place is always busy. IF you go 3 miles in any direction you will probably find a much better and locally owned Italian joint.

    Red Lobster is nothing more than frozen shrimp swimming in butter. If I want sea food then I am going to go to a place where the time from ocean to my plate can be measured in days and not months. Although those cheesy biscuits are tasty.
    "You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it,..." -Bane

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    OH....IO Hink's avatar
    Jan 2005
    Hang on Sloopy...land
    Quote Originally posted by Brocktoon View post
    The OG is nothing more than sugary salad dressing, over buttered bread sticks and mushy meat covered in a bland sauce.
    Which is funny because I like the salad and bread sticks, but wouldn't touch anything else at Olive Garden. Give me carbs any day
    A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. -Douglas Adams

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    Cyburbian terraplnr's avatar
    Feb 2005
    Knee deep in the hoopla
    I haven't completely boycotted them, but I've also been mostly avoiding Amazon over the past year because of articles I read about how they treat their warehouse workers and drivers. Also, my sister works for a book publishing company and hates working with them. I guess it helps my boycott effort that I've been getting books mostly from the library, thrift stores, or friends lately.

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    Until I met my ex, I would have said Walmart. That is one of many ways she corrupted me.
    Fox News
    Rush Limbaugh
    Glen Beck
    When did I go from Luke Skywalker to Obi-Wan Kenobi?

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    Cyburbian mike gurnee's avatar
    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    Being in an isolated area, I have little selection, and mostly buy on-line. I go to WalMart when I have to; more because I hate the experience than thinking about their policies. I closed an account with BoA due to their policies...and because they raised my service fees on a non-profit account from zero to $30/month. My real boycot is with places that tick me off: when replacing a windshield the proprietor spent 15 minutes ranting about his political views...he will never see me again. I will not tell him why because I don't have to. I will think twice before I go to Papa Johns or Chick-fil-A. And ZG, don't get me started on United Way.

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    Nov 2009
    Somewhere far, far away
    I don't know that I'm really 'boycotting' any of these places/businesses/organizations. I just don't go to them. I'm not even tempted.

    Papa Johns (threatening employees -- and politicizing something that shouldn't be political)
    Chick-fil-a (politicizing something that shouldn't be political)
    Walmart (treatment of employees, particularly women; among other reasons)
    Komen Foundation (politicizing something that shouldn't be political)
    Boy Scouts of America (politicizing something that shouldn't be political)

    And I save United Way for last. I go to their meetings every year, say 'NO' very, very clearly, and move on with my life. I give to a few charities that have great meaning for me. Some of those charities also receive money from United Way. I have yet to find anyone from United Way who can explain to me what the benefit is of giving my money to United Way, having United Way keep part of it for their own administrative costs, and then pass what's left on to the charity -- when I could have just given the entire thing to the charity in the first place. When someone can explain the logic of that to me, then I'll reconsider.

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    Cyburbian Mud Princess's avatar
    Aug 2002
    Sprawlmart, er, Wal-Mart - To this day, I have never been inside a Wal-Mart store.
    Amazon - Like terraplnr, I've been avoiding Amazon, and I've been trying to convince certain politically-inclined members of my family to do the same.

    As far as Chick-Fil-A, Domino's, and other fast-food restaurants, I would boycott them for their politics, but the truth is, I don't go to those places anyway.

    Factoid for all you lawn-crazed Americans: Scott's is owned by Montanto. And while I don't buy pesticides or lawn products anyway, I sure as hell won't buy Scott's bird seed [insert skull-and-crossbones here].

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    Cyburbian Planit's avatar
    Mar 2005
    In a 480 square foot ex baseball nacho stand
    Quote Originally posted by Brocktoon View post
    I forgot Olive Garden and Red Lobster. The OG is nothing more than sugary salad dressing, over buttered bread sticks and mushy meat covered in a bland sauce. What suprises me is they place is always busy. IF you go 3 miles in any direction you will probably find a much better and locally owned Italian joint.

    Red Lobster is nothing more than frozen shrimp swimming in butter. If I want sea food then I am going to go to a place where the time from ocean to my plate can be measured in days and not months. Although those cheesy biscuits are tasty.
    OG's profits fall
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    "Budweiser sells a product they reflectively insist on calling beer." John Oliver

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    Aug 2001
    Western Pennsylvania
    I don't know if I'd describe is as boycotting, but I won't use any business whose signs have punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors. Petty, isn't it? Add to that places like "Kountry Kitchen".

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    Cyburbian Big Owl's avatar
    Jun 2004
    near the edge
    I try to shop local, which for me is the city where I live and work. I do boycott the business that treats me differently because of my position as I am typically the person that issues Occupancy Permits and other needed permits. There is an Italian place that I love but I can't convince them to take my money. It's a shame that I have to others get my food so I can pay for it.

    I also boycott any store in a mall... ironically, I am okay with stores in strip centers.

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    Dec 2012
    Windsor, Ontario
    I haven't been in a Walmart in years and don't miss it at all.
    The fast food chains has been difficult as I am on the road quite a bit, but I've been above to stay clear of them for over 4 mths now.
    I try to stay clear of the big boxes as much as possible, but there are times where the local hardware store doesn't have what im looking for and i end up at Lowes or Home Depot... Finally the mall... I haven't done any serious shopping there for years but have been in from time to time to renew my cellphone or pick up specific items I can't find anywhere else.

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    moderator in moderation Suburb Repairman's avatar
    Jun 2003
    at the neighboring pub
    Quote Originally posted by Hink View post
    There is a specific jeweler who I tell people not to frequent... even though his business is in our jurisdiction. Look if you flaunt the fact that you won't follow the rules, I am not going to be nice to you...
    What is it about jewelers that they're the ones that seem most prone to this behavior?

    As far as boycotts go, refusing to go to a place because I had bad service/goods doesn't really qualify as a true boycott. To me, a boycott is the result of some action not necessarily linked to an individual experience. My list:

    Shell: treatment of native populations in Africa
    BP: the Gulf of Mexico spill and generally being assholes in how they handled it
    Exxon: the original BP... Valdez spill disaster
    Banks large enough to have locations in other states: my way of fighting the "too big to fail" and because all of those bastards should be lumped together with BofA
    ChickFilA: level of participation in anti-equality political efforts and then trying to pretend like they don't still do it
    Papa Johns: because the CEO is an asshole and waded way to far into the healthcare debate, making a complete ass of himself
    Monsanto: not a full boycott because that is nearly impossible, but to the extent I can avoid their products I do.
    United Way: Poorly run charity that operates like an organized crime ring
    Komen: Poorly run charity that waded into politics when it shouldn't have
    Boy Scouts of America: haven't brought myself to the point of mailing back my Eagle award, but I've come close. It's not just the anti-gay thing; it's the hiding child molesters thing as well. I pray for an alternative organization by the time I have a son, or that the BSA takes a page out of the GSA playbook and corrects itself
    Amazon: their scan & price feature is doing more damage to small business than Walmart could ever hope to in a million years. That feature is openly predatory.

    Also, I won't go to businesses that are overly active in local politics (regardless of their stance) as a matter of self-protection.

    "Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country."

    - Herman Göring at the Nuremburg trials (thoughts on democracy)

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    Cyburbian dvdneal's avatar
    Jan 2009
    Remote command post at local bar
    Most stuff I boycott from a lack of interest (chick-fil-a). I know I should boycott them because of their politics, but I don't eat there anyway.

    The stuff I boycott:
    Checker Auto (or whatever their name is now) - I tried to replace an alternator they sold me where the hela coil pulled out - they said they don't sell alternators like that (I bought it and tried to install it the same day - same store)
    United Way - too many golden parachutes and just badly run. Plus I'm tired of every city and county I work for pushing them on me. If it were worthy of my money or time I'd give it freely like I do with the local zoo.
    Bank of America - after my account number was stolen they wouldn't give me a new account that kept my free checking - they didn't offer that anymore.

    I'd say I boycott Fox News, but it's just too funny.
    I don't pretend to understand Brannigan's Law. I merely enforce it.

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