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Thread: International planning - UK to US advice

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    International planning - UK to US advice

    Hello, Just looking for some advice from planners out there.

    I grew up in California where I attended undergrad (BA in Urban Studies from UC Berkeley), but came to the UK for my master's degree (MSc in regional and urban planning). I got a job in London after as a planner, so decided to stay, but one day would like to return to California to continue my career, ideally in planning or a related field.

    Some background: I have worked for two years at AECOM in London, and currently work for the real estate division of Deloitte as a planner. (My LinkedIn page for more detail of my work: LINK REMOVED). I hold dual UK and US citizenship, so work visas/immigration are luckily not a problem in either place.

    I'm concerned about the transferability of my job, and if I will have any prospect whatsoever of finding a job outside of the UK, specifically in California. I'm planning on getting my AICP qualification, along with a real estate valuation qualification in the UK (RICS) within the next two years, in an attempt to keep my options relatively more open (bearing in mind these things are not a substitute for work experience). I could relatively easily move into something more along the lines of real estate advisory within Deloitte, which would be more transferable, but also much further away from planning. I'm currently trying to figure out what would be best.

    Before I become too entrenched in my planning work in the UK (I'm only 25 and two years into my career--if you can call it that at this point), I'm wondering what people think of this situation and about job prospects in the US for a planner coming in at say, mid-level from a different country.

    Have I figuratively shot myself in the foot with my career plans? Any thoughts/comments/advice/past experiences are very welcome.

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