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Thread: Edge of City Development (Grocery Store/ Retail) traffic numbers?

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    Edge of City Development (Grocery Store/ Retail) traffic numbers?

    We need a grocery store/retail out here? We are right on the edge of a city. Our traffic counts are 20,000+ . The closest store to the North is another 40 miles away. The Closest other store is 5 miles away to the East (10 minute drive). The immediate 2 mile radius population is 4000 but their is an enormous commuter traffic of waterfront owners that are mid to high income people that also have no place to shop. It appears that a grocery store may want to come here, but would want a retail anchor as well? They are the owners of the store 5 miles to the east and are concerned that they may actually hurt their own stores compete against themselves? How can we get a collective development started?

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    I am confused, is the closest store 5 miles away or 40?

    20k traffic counts for a population of 4k is an awful lot. I can't tell from the information you are providing why. Is this a seasonal count?

    Traffic counts alone should not dictate store location. You need a market for what is being sold. A population of 4k should at least be able to have stores already, is this an issue of store type? For example, multiple convenience stores may already be serving the population already.

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    Actually the nearest store is 10 miles away not 5. The 20K traffic count is because the road is the only road going North and South out of the city. The road leads up a peninsula to Door County. I am not sure about the seasonal count or when it was taken. I am sure that in summer, it is much higher. The population there has a lifestyle that commutes in for work and staples!

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