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Thread: Heroic signage?

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    May 2005
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    Heroic signage?

    I was in a meeting the other day and someone kept talking about "hero or heroic signage", but when I googled that term and I didn't find a definition or examples. Based on the the meeting it sound like grand or over the top signage.

    The term was used in a meeting about creating a plan for a blighted industrial area with a major surface street running through the middle of it. The planning director kept saying,"I think it would be great if the corridor and the industrial area had really heroic signage."

    Any help with defining the term or examples would be great.
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    Heroic? I confess it's the first time I've heard that word used in connection with signage.

    I've heard of heroic landscapes.... paintings that deal with subject matter that's full of grandeur and/or large sweeping vistas.

    Maybe that enormous "Hollywood" sign that's become a cultural icon might qualify....

    or Times Square signs

    or that big ol' googie-inspired 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign

    or that three story tall Uniroyal tire near Detroit

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    Apr 2006
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    How about inspirational art from our Dear Leader and the wonderful people of North Korea:

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    I could only find one reference, in the Mount Vernon Design Workbook (http://dc.gov/DC/Planning/In+Your+Ne...esign+Workbook).

    9th Street and H Street Intersection, with expanded retail, looking North (top)
    This illustration renders a completely new 9th Street retail corridor, borne out of the exciting development at the Former Convention Center site. Again, the intersection of these two streets is marked by heroic signage and advertising, with the same overhead lighting ornaments and pavement studded with reflectors as 7th Street. However, a different retail identity could emerge here, perhaps concentrating clothing and soft goods for neighboring residents.
    I fear this is going to be the next up-and-coming development buzzword, much like "shovel ready".

    "Heroic" is something of a buzzword substituting for "extravagant". I think its usage in the context of signage is inappropriate. Certain acts that people perform are heroic. A large sign is not "heroic".
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    I equate heroic signage to being as important to a community as the world's largest ball of twine. Not to discredit the ball of twine.
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    May 2005
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    I think maybe this is what you are looking for: how to sign "hero" in ASL
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    Mar 1996
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    Can't get a URL: thanks to Google's obfuscation, but ...

    + + + + +
    + + + + +
    Capitol Gateway Overlay : Case No.
    District Review at Square : 08-30
    700, Lots 33, 802, 841, :
    850, 857, 864, 865, 868, :
    871, and 872 :
    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    16 wonder if we could take a minute. I don't
    17 think you've completed all of your
    18 presentation regarding design elements.
    19 There's one part which was a little
    20 frightening which you haven't talked about.
    21 I wonder if you could spend some time
    22 talking about heroic graphics?

    1 MR. HELLMUTH: Absolutely.

    3 we sometimes get a little intimidated by
    4 large signs and things.

    5 MR. HELLMUTH: Yes.

    7 one of the questions.

    8 MR. ANDRES: We have looked very
    9 closely have Half Street in its entirely not
    10 just our half of Half Street. But the
    11 reality is is everybody has been focused on
    12 this being the entertainment district. We
    13 particularly anchored as a result of the
    14 waterfront and the stadium and given that
    15 the programming at the ground plane, the
    16 ionic nature of what Half Street is going to
    17 become and and has its relationship to M
    18 Street and the stadium, it feels like the
    19 opportunity for environmental graphics to
    20 re-inenforce that this is a different place
    21 without putting put a gigantic sign saying
    22 you are here, you can do it through the
    1 built environment, which is the corner
    2 element at the office building, the towers
    3 that Mr. Esocoff has created in the
    4 residential buildings. And the ground plane
    5 we're hoping that the retail will become a
    6 very expressive three dimensional event that
    7 will carry a certain amount of environmental
    8 graphics and signing and signing and
    9 lighting.

    10 We've also talked about doing
    11 some digital boards or digital displays
    12 similar to what you see here on the side of
    13 Gallery Place. Again, those are for events
    14 and for example if there's a ball game going
    15 on you can have that. During the day you
    16 could have news. There's opportunities to
    17 have a whole variety of things happen there.
    18 You could have almost a virtual experience.
    19 You can be displaying, you know, an event in
    20 some country and given the way technology is
    21 somebody could be looking at you walking
    22 down the street while you're looking at them
    1 walking down the square is Moscow.

    2 So it's a great opportunity to
    3 keep people animated, active, fun, exciting.
    4 And we feel that, you know, if we do it the
    5 right way it can be very tasteful and not
    6 feel too much Times Square, which I think is
    7 kind of what I think people are probably
    8 feeling, but I don't think that's what we're
    9 trying to imply here.

    COMMISSIONER MAY: Can you tell
    16 me about the technology of some of the
    17 heroic graphics? I don't like the term
    18 "heroic graphics" because it makes it sound
    19 inherently noble or something. But the
    20 really the super graphics. I mean, are we
    21 just talking about banners or are we talking
    22 about projections? How does the image get up
    1 there?

    2 MR. GOOCH: Sure. There's a
    3 number of ways to do it, and we've worked
    4 with the sign consultants, the one that
    5 we're using for our Gallery Place project.
    6 And it could be a number of technologies.
    7 One technology that we've looked at which
    8 could be appropriate for the corner screen
    9 element on the office building would be a
    10 metal mesh like you saw Mr. Hellmuth went
    11 through earlier, possibly with LEDs embedded
    12 in it so that you don't see the light on the
    13 inside but you do see the light on the
    14 outside. It allows for a lot of the LEDs
    15 can be programmed. And I don't know if we
    16 have a picture of one --
    Apologies for the formatting.
    Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of the cancer cell. -- Edward Abbey

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