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Thread: Hello from downstate Illinois!

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    Jan 2013
    Urbana, IL

    Hello from downstate Illinois!

    Hello! I am Amy from downstate Illinois, looking for any suggestions or ideas people might have regarding my situation. If yours is at all similar to mine, ideas are especially appreciated.

    So, I have an undergraduate degree in geography and a graduate degree in social work. I chose social work as my path because I convinced myself that the only program I could get into was one that doesn't require GRE scores. Without knowing if I was right about that, I did go ahead and spend many, many, many thousands of dollars rather than... well, as you can see I am sorting out the very expensive mistake (maybe?) that I made. I struggle with whether or not it was a mistake because I do see some use from it; whether employers do, too, is yet to be seen.

    I have many years of work experience, some GIS, database management, project management, and generally a lot of technical expertise. At this point I am limited by physical location and education plus lack of relevant work experience. I am hoping to meet others who have been successful (or not. Or are still on their way!) in finding some sort of meaningful urban planning employment without having an urban planning degree. For the last 10 years my interest has been in public transportation policy and advocacy. I honestly don't see that waning any time soon.

    Looking forward to hearing from other participants. Thanks!

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    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    Welome from the 100th meridian. And you did not make a "mistake". When I was associated with community development programs, I would seriously look at an applicant with a masters of social work.

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