Apparently redevelopment of an indoor mall in Longmont, CO isn't going very smoothly for a developer:

Owner of Longmont's Twin Peaks Mall 'more than stressed' over lack of progress with two key tenants

I thought it was interesting to see the mall's owner/developer ask the URA to pass a resolution authorizing the URA to use eminent domain as a last resort if the mall owner/developer is unable to get negotiations completed with existing tenants. This includes Dillard's who owns the ground outright that they operate under. I've heard of URA's finding blight and using eminent domain on empty buildings. Are there instances of using eminent domain on an existing business that's operating on a site such as Dillard's?

Disclaimer: I'm not too well versed on Kelo v. City of New London, though realize that people lost their homes in the name of economic development. I just didn't know if URAs throughout the country (perhaps with the court case in their back pocket) have been using eminent domain on existing businesses, wondering especially if it's been done on large corporations like Dillard's.