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Thread: Distillery built to close to our building-encroachment problems-and liquid flamables-were scared.

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    Distillery built to close to our building-encroachment problems-and liquid flamables-were scared.

    wow we been here for over 22 years downtown as a automotive business -we told the city the new building is to close (built 2009)and that someone moved the original stakes - they said it can be built on a zero set back now we have sewer pipes??,roof eves, and furnace pipes over hanging on our property and he keeps tresspassing. Not only that its whiskey,vodka and the city fire dept didn't even have a file on it till this last month and the occupancy rating went from a b to f1, the city knew that it was going to be a distillery from the beginning -Can you build distillerys so close to other commercial buildings that weld and works on cars -now this affects our building and the safety-------- how close the stills can sit along that wall. We are scared. We had a line check by the surveyors the guy laughed at us and the city wouldn't make him stop building. We finally got the surveyors out and yes its encroaching and he finally got one after we did . With the new occupancy rating how soon does someone have to make the changes if a firewall needs to be 2 hours rated ?not sure if this is the place to talk about this but Ill try or if someone knows where I can find more info thank you
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    You need to discuss these issues with an attorney. None of us can determine "fault" without a thorough examination of your circumstances.

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    Mike's correct. Get a good land use attorney...and check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling before you click "submit reply".

    Where is "Wahington"?

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