I have mentioned them in enough threads that by now everyone should have figured out that I love dogs. They have played a big role in my life as a friend, hiking partner, cousellor, life saver, bed warmer, and more. The missus and I recently started a rescue and so far have pulled ten dogs from bad situations where they have been abused or would have been put down by animal control. All have been very sweet, appreciative dogs. We have four ready for adoption, if you are still wondering what to give your significant other for Valentine's Day.

I'd like to share one little guy's story. We are calling him Shadow, and he is a lab puppy less than a year old. He was spotted along a road in Georgia standing over his brother who had been hit by a car, pawing him and crying as he died. Animal control picked him up and three days later they had him scheduled to be euthenized. We stepped in. Last weekend I drove the 950 miles to Atlanta to pick up him, two other lab puppies, and a year-old shepherd mix. Shadow lay quietly on the seat next to me the whole way back. He is a darling and it is not hard to see why everyone who meets him falls in love.

Unfortunately, Shadow and the two lab pups are not doing well. We took them to the vet on Sunday. Shadow calmly played with the two younger pups and then laid down. The two pups soon got tired and looked for a soft, warm spot. They found it - curling up on top of Shadow, who never protested, and maybe seemed to enjoy getting to be "brother" again. Even the vet and tech couldn't help but let out an "awwww". But they are all sick and had to be admitted for care. The two puppies came home after a day and a half, but Shadow is still there, now all alone again. All of them will continue to need a great deal of care until they are healthy. In the end it will all be worth it when these very deserving dogs go to their forever home, where they can love and be loved by their families.

Until then we could really use your help in getting out their story. We have set up a couple sites: www.giveforward.com/shadowsfriends and www.arescuedogstale.com. Please help us get them out to as many people as possible, and senf them your thoughts, prayers, and love.