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Thread: Grandmother arrested for kicking rowdy kids out of house at sleepover

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    Grandmother arrested for kicking rowdy kids out of house at sleepover


    Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but perhaps the duress she was under might at least explain her (ill-considered) actions.
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    So did the kids move on to her lawn? I thought that was unacceptable to old people.

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    Granny doesn't understand why the parents called the police instead of calling her. Hmmm, granny, maybe a call to the parents before tossing the boys might have been a good idea.

    Did you read the related articles? The store clerk called a boy a demon, so he said "I'll show you bad" and threw a cookie at her. She beat him with a belt. Yes, that's out of line, but why was his mother allowing him to run around the store? The boy needs a little discipline, but from his parents.

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