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Thread: Detroit recession and future scope

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    Jul 2014
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    Detroit recession and future scope

    I am working on a paper on the influences of globalization on industrialized cities, like Detroit; I would like to mention Detroit as an example. It would be great if you kindly let me know your ideas on why Detroit recession has been occurred and as a residents of the area, is there any new positive pace which could lead this city to a liveable condition?

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    Mar 2004
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    Globalization had an impact, but a much greater impact was technology. In the early ages of the auto, an assembly plant had tens of thousands of workers. Today's plants can get the same production out of a couple of thousand. Fewer workers equals less opportunity and more people leave. It is not simply a case of suburbanization.

    Detroit did not have a recession. It was a victim of the last recession. Its biggest problem was betting that interest rates would go up when they went down and having a crook for a Mayor.

    The City is still very livable, but there are large areas of it that are dead or dying. There are also other areas where it looks like a boomtown.

    Detroit is a complicated place. Maybe you should set your sights on Gary IN or Braddock PA?
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    Quote Originally posted by DetroitPlanner View post
    Detroit is a complicated place. Maybe you should set your sights on Gary IN or Braddock PA?
    Agree. Many, many factors go into why Detroit is like it is now.
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    Of all the developing nations I'm considering for retirement.....Detroit is one of them.
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    I will also add that Detroit is not unique in its economic malaise. Most of the big, medium-sized, and small cities surrounding the Great Lakes, ie, "the Rust Belt" had similar profiles and have suffered similar fates to varying degrees. Detroit is just the biggest and most glaring example. While the problems that have plagued and plague Buffalo aren't the same as those of Detroit, and both are different still from those of Cleveland and Erie, PA, the fact is they're just variations of the same theme: areas that couldn't -- or wouldn't -- adapt to the rapid changes in technology in the last 40 years. Notice, too, that I said "areas" not "cities" because the problems of lost jobs didn't just affect the central cities but the suburbs as well. Suburban growth at the expense of cities tended to mask the problems of the stagnant or shrinking populations in these metros in general as people left for supposedly greener pastures, but the fact that Kodak and Bosch & Lomb no longer employ thousands of people is not just Rochester's problem but all of Monroe County and parts of its neighbors. The same with Detroit and its suburbs; the struggles of the auto industry five years ago affected the whole region.
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    Quote Originally posted by DetroitPlanner View post

    Detroit is a complicated place. Maybe you should set your sights on Gary IN or Braddock PA?
    I wouldn't use Gary either. Gary's problems are multitude and isolating globalization is but a tiny part of it. Gary has been a slow motion train wreck since the 70's. Gary's problems include race, corruption, pollution, white flight, organized crime, the political philosophy of the rest of the state, disinvestment, proximity to the south side of Chicago. Gary also needs to be seen in the context of Metro Chicago/Northwest Indiana.
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