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Thread: Bachelor's in Urban Planning -> Master's Landscape Architecture -> Career in Green Infrastructure?

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    Bachelor's in Urban Planning -> Master's Landscape Architecture -> Career in Green Infrastructure?


    I'm going to be starting a Bachelor's of Urban Planning at the University of Cincinnati this fall. My goal is to work in green infrastructure, and I'm especially interested in implementing ecologically inspired solutions to urban problems (rain gardens, storm-water management, green roofs, community gardens, etc.) as well as the potential of urban areas in conservation (advocating native plant use, habitat creation, etc). University of Cincinnati's program does offer several classes relating to this issue, and I am strongly considering a certificate in Urban Landscapes (which includes a course on green roofs and one on infrastructure) offered by the Horticulture department.

    I'm thinking, probably after a period of professional practice, I'll then pursue of Masters in Landscape Architecture.

    My first question is what is the role of urban planners and landscape architects, respectively, in green infrastructure?

    Secondly, does it sound like I'm on the right path? I've read that the traditional path is getting a BLA and then a MUP rather than the other way around. However for many reasons I'm set on the University of Cincinnati, which does have a nice BUP program with co-op but does not offer a BLA. I guess I just wonder whether my path will make things especially challenging.

    Thanks for any and all advice/input!

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    I am going to tell you what I tell all new undergraduates: take as many classes in as many disciplines that you can (get out of your comfort zone) and don't declare a major until the end of your sophomore year. You may think you want to do X but find that you don't like it and are dispassionate about it. You may discover along the way that Y is a much better fit for you and one that you have a true interest and enthusiasm for. Take a semester or summer abroad if you can.
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    Skip the planning degree and pursue a BLA. See previous threads.
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