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Thread: Politics forum

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    Oct 2013
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    Politics forum

    May be a good idea, it may not, but I was wondering if there could be a politics forum?

    I don't mean one where you talk about the war or abortion, but more geared towards state, regional, and local politics. Planners certainly aren't insulated from politics and a forum on how to deal with the delicate balance of trustee vs delegate may be helpful.

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    Jan 2005
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    We have discussed the concept numerous times throughout the years. At this time it is the general consensus that we keep it in the FAC. I will let Dan elaborate further if he thinks that he can enlighten the discussion.

    Personally, I think if we create a political forum it will take away from the FAC and will only create a place for people to go at each other. We have a thread on politics which gets more heated than most places, but it is centrally located and it is easy for us moderators to keep in check. You can always search for a local politics thread and if you don't find it, create a local politics thread in the FAC that touches on the topics you want it to.
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    Also, I don't think there would be much traffic because this is the internet and statements/posts stay around a long time.

    Since public planners' and private consultants' (to a lesser extent) livelihoods depend on politicians, there wouldn't be much discussion on the forum for fear of misconceptions and/or retribution.
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