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Thread: Talpatak Link & iPohno getting Free Advertising at end of posts.

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    May 2008
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    Talpatak Link & iPohno getting Free Advertising at end of posts.

    (Products' names are deliberately misspelled so that "search spiders" don't pick up the keywords and give the products even more free advertising.)

    Some people using their iPhenos via Tipitilk have at the end of every one of their posts:
    Sent from my iPheno using Tipitilk
    Aside from providing free advertising & free link-clicks, the message interferes with the conversation flow.

    I realize that this is not at all malice on the part of the Cyburbians who have this message in the posts!
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    Tapatalk users can change their settings so the message does not appear. I don't think I can force Cyburbians to change their browser settings, unless really obnoxious messages are getting inserted; like third party ads.
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