Well, I'm probably being a pig about posting Memphis threads--3 or so in the last 2 weeks--but it's my hometown and I rarely get down there anymore. And it's not quite the stereotype of a southern city, at least in terms of having no urban core.

Plus, I got a new camera!

Midtown Memphis is the late 19th-early 20th century part of the city, approximately 16 square miles. It runs from the downtown area east for about 4 miles, and is bounded more or less by the Parkway System, a 1920's innercity loop with a landscaped median and old, rich homes.

In 1900, Memphis and New Orleans were the only cities in the South to have a population greater than 100,000 (excluding Louisville).

And no, Midtown wasn't named after Atlanta's--there are businesses in Memphis called Midtown since the 30's.

Anyway, it's home to some of the wealthiest people in Memphis, poor people, the middle-class, and has a little Saigon as well.

It also has some great architecture imho and many old apartment buildings, as pictured here.


Madison Avenue apts, on the streetcar line:

Madison Avenue and Gilmore highrise:

Cleveland Avenue apts:

The rich:

The Parkview:

Art deco (nouveau?) Kimbrough towers:

The not so rich:

A bunch of fourplexes:

Hmmm . . . a little bit of St. Louis and a little bit of New Orleans:


Still waiting for the bus: