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Thread: Hope VI

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    Hope VI

    I'm looking for information (preferably on-line) regarding any HUD urban design standards for Hope VI projects. I need to convince a client that smart growth methods are not only "smart," but acceptable even to such agencies as HUD. We're getting the old wide-streets-are-better/safer argument and need some good data to counter it.
    Please send url's or bibliography info.

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    Dec 1998
    The HUD website is the best place to find information re: HOPE VI.

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    I'm not exactly sure what Hope VI is, but if it is an argument as to why narrow streets are better/safer than wider, search around for work conducted by Dan Burden. I think his seminars are called "Walkable Communities" but don't quote me on that. Maybe someone else could help you out there. His presentations give several examples of narrow streets improving LOS, improving safety, etc.

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    Houston has recently developed several Hope projects that incorporate walkable/smaller streets. I bet their website probably has some pictures.

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