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Thread: Coastal issues

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    Coastal issues

    This is a related planning question however it is also an environmental question. I am doing a project on New England Coastal Issues, and havent come up with much... I was wondering if anybody out there is in the New England area, that has some knowledge of some coastal env. issues that have been plaguing the area, and if so where I might be able to get some more information for this. Thanks everybody I appreciate the help!



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    Feb 2002

    Try Dr. Grant Cunningham, Clemson University, his focus has been on the evironmental issues facing the carolina Coastlines, but may have other contacts. I think his email address is cunninm@clemson.edu


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    Jul 2002
    deep south

    Don't know about New England but.....

    In Florida we are concerned with water quality (septic tanks), hurricanes (wind speed, flooding, evacuation routes), beach erosion, natural dune habitats (sea turtles), marsh (wetland) protection, heck everything we do relates to the coast or the costal environment in some fashion. ------------

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    Jul 2002
    deep south

    oh yeah

    the Departlment of Enviromental Protection has a great website for the state of fl, if you are interested in any of these, located at www.myflorida.com

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    Sep 2001
    skating on thin ice
    Look at the issues in Traverse City , Grand Rapids and the UP, they all apply on the East Coast. Just add salt and ocean in front of ideas (ie salt marsh, ocean current)
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    May 2008
    North America

    Melting Greenland Ice Sheets May Threaten Northeast U.S., Canada

    Quote Originally posted by Green_arch View post
    ... I was wondering if anybody out there is in the New England area, that has some knowledge of some coastal env. issues that have been plaguing the area, and if so where I might be able to get some more information for this.
    Published yesterday by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research:
    . . .
    A study in Nature Geoscience in March warned that warmer water temperatures could shift ocean currents in a way that would raise sea levels off the Northeast by about 8 inches (20 cm) more than the average global sea level rise. But it did not include the additional impact of Greenland's ice, which at moderate to high melt rates would further accelerate changes in ocean circulation and drive an additional 4 to 12 inches (about 10 to 30 cm) of water toward heavily populated areas of northeastern North America on top of average global sea level rise.
    . . .

    The northeast coast of North America is especially vulnerable to the effects of Greenland ice melt because of the way the meridional overturning circulation acts like a conveyer belt transporting water through the Atlantic Ocean. The circulation carries warm Atlantic water from the tropics to the north, where it cools and descends to create a dense layer of cold water. As a result, sea level is currently about 28 inches (71 cm) lower in the North Atlantic than the North Pacific, which lacks such a dense layer.

    If the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet were to increase by 3 percent or 7 percent yearly, the additional fresh water could partially disrupt the northward conveyor belt. This would reduce the accumulation of deep, dense water. Instead, the deep water would be slightly warmer, expanding and elevating the surface across portions of the North Atlantic.
    . . .

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    Massachusetts has the office of Coastal Zone Management which has a lot of info on development. One other New England state does as well (I know it is not N. Hampshire). They could also probably direct you toothers working on coastal issues.

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    Mar 2005
    Clayobyrne, CB
    Check out Save the Bay in Rhode Island.


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