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Thread: Anyone have an xbox?

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    Aug 2001

    Anyone have an xbox?

    We've owned an xbox since last Christmas, and I've never really been into it... I've played video games maybe two or three times in the past year. That is, until early this week when I rented Halo. OMG... I'm addicted!

    Since I'm not video game savvy, I thought maybe someone out there could point me in the direction of similar games (especially those that have two-player collaberative play... very cool!).

    And if you like war games and stuff, check out Halo... even El Guapo would be proud of the weapons cache you get in this game.

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    Apr 1996
    New Hampshire
    I've had an Xbox since about March. Can't help you with games though....I haven't been able to play anything other than NHL 2002/3, Madden 2002/3 and Outlaw Golf. I'm a sports gamer....though I'd love to see Grand Theft Auto made for the Xbox...that is an addictive game! (my brother in NY has a PS2, and my wife and I must have played GTA III for hours when we visited).
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    Dec 2001
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    Medal of Honor comes out on X-Box today. I don't have one but everyone I work with does. I've always been a PS guy, but I never have any time to play games though. I still want PS2 though. Especially now since they have the web link thingie.

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