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Thread: Streamlined technical amendment process

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    Streamlined technical amendment process

    I am researching an issue related to amendments of county codes. Specifically, I am looking for examples of county codes that allow for a streamlined procedure to make technical or non-substantive changes. Is anyone aware of any examples?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    The City of Aurora, Colorado has a formal administrative amendment process to allow minor changes to approved development plans. The staff meets once a week to discuss amendments, which are approved by the supervisor of the current planning division. The fee is $15, and changes are made directly to the mylar drawings on file in the Planning Department offices.

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    Actually amending a code always requires compliance with the mandated state procedures, regardless of how trivial or technical the amendment may seem. It is possible to to build in some administrative flexibility for things like minor variances or site plan review, but any flexibility has to be properly set up in the code, which means amending it.

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    Streamlined technical amendment process

    Sorry if I was not clear. It would be necessary to amend the code once to create a more streamlined process to make future technical revisions, such as changing the name of a county department, or implementing changes mandated by state law. I'm interested in examples of such flexibility.

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