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Thread: Environmental Planning workplace

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    Sep 2014
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    Environmental Planning workplace

    In what sort of departments, agencies, and/or non-profits do environmental planners work?
    I keep seeing a lot about office and paper work, do they not do any fieldwork?

    Everything I'm reading about environmental planning as a whole seems so vague like any and all things "environmental" get tossed in the lump. Maybe it is just that broad a field but it's frustrating trying to figure out just what these planners do exactly and where and for whom they do it.

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    We work everywhere

    Yup....you'll find us everywhere.....

    Me- Non-Profit office fighting poverty
    All levels of the Federal State and Local Government.....transportation, industrial monitoring agencies
    Private companies in a 100 types of positions......Phase I, II and III reporting and on and on and on......

    as far as field work, I like my friends job at the USDA NRCS since it involves a lot of education. Private consulting to delineate wetlands and doing Phase I, II and III reports would be cool.

    Also a ton of field work involved with floodplain management and permitting through the US Army Corps.
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