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Thread: Planning department organization

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    Planning department organization


    I am researching how different planning departments are organized. I am looking for how any engineers are organized in planning or whether engineers are housed somewhere else, even though they may work on development/planning issues. Also, can you please let me know your assessment on how your arrangement works. Can it be improved or do you find the arrangement adequate?

    Jason Schrock
    City of Commerce City
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    The closest relationship I've seen between planners and engineers is when planners are put under a public works director. Most of the time, if not virtually all of the time, they are not housed in the same department. Interdepartmental coordination is going to be an issue almost anywhere you go, but if the city/county employs a development review committee, differences of opinion can be worked out without damage to applicants.

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    In my city, many departments have their own engineers - public works, water, lighting.... Our engineers are in the same group as the environmental / brownfield people and the architects. (called the Engineering Services Division).

    There is very little interdepartmental communication, so it is very helpful having the engineers in-house (there are 2 of them), well 3, but one guy does not do anything. I needed some information for a sewer project and It took our engineers only a day to get me answer. If Iwould have had to ask the water dept. it would have taken months, if I would have been able to get it at all.

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