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Thread: What is the longest stretch of time between two viewings of the same movie?

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    What is the longest stretch of time between two viewings of the same movie?

    For you, what is the longest stretch of time between two viewings of the same movie?

    For me, the longest time for me between two viewings of the same movie is about 26 or 27 years. It was the movie Silent Running which I first saw on network prime time about 1975 (when I was 10 or 11) and then again just about a year ago.


    As a 37-year old, it was kind of strange, and a little bewildering, seeing a film that I had first seen on a little black & white TV in another dimension of time. I remembered very little about the movie, but there were a few key scenes that I will never forget: The picture of the dead forest, the drones, the loneliness felt by Dern's character after his shipmates were killed, the ship blowing up at the end, and most impacting, the shot of the surviving drone watering the plants as the pod floats off into space.

    I remember how bewildered I was when I saw that last scene, certainly one of the most unforgettable endings ever put on film. Seeing it for the second time still had an impact, but at the same time, it seemed altered from my original recollection of how it ended. (I could have sworn, for example, that the drone was outside when he watered the plants, but how could that beÖthe plants would all die?).

    Anyway, as the film ended, I thought, this has got to be the longest stretch of time between seeing a movie for the first time and seeing it again.

    What is the longest time period between two viewings of the same film for you? What film was it? Were there scenes in the movie that seemed distorted from how you remember them? If so, were you bothered by the fact that your fond memories of the film have been updated? Overall, did the film hold up to your expectations?

    The reason I am asking this is there are other films that I saw in the mid-1970s that I do not ever want to see again. But not because I donít like them, I did. Iím talking about Roger Corman-type films, such as Attack of the Crab Monsters that terrified me as a young boy but I would now find hokey and cheezy.

    I just donít want to lose that childhood memory of sheer terror when those crab monsters went after their next victim. I donít want to be ďupdated.Ē Another movie I hesitated to see was Who Framed Roger Rabbit because I was making out with some cutie the first time I saw it and I sure didnít want anything to update that memory!

    Am I just weird or do these kind of things bother you too? Please, share with me your thoughts on this subject.

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    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    I saw The Great Race (Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis) in the theater when it came out, in the mid-sixties, I guess. I rented it last year so my son could see it. So that was over 35 years apart.

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    Oct 2000
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    I really get kind of freaked out when I now watch a tv show that I loved as a child. The two that stand out the most are The Dukes of Hazzard and Punky Brewster. As kids, we played Dukes of Hazzard all the time in my grandma's barber chair (she did hair). And I loved Punky Brewster. But then when I saw Dukes, I was shocked at how fake everything looked. And with Punky, I was shocked by the Glurge factor! How did my parents ever manage to watch with us?

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    Oct 2001
    I saw the 1950's Sci-Fi movie Forbidden Planet when I was four at the post theater in Bad Kissigen Germany in 1967. The second time I saw it was this summer on cable. That would be a 35 year gap.
    el Guapo is a former 20 year +/- urban planner (just like you) who thought becoming an attorney was a good life choice.

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    Aug 2001
    In 1980 I snuck out to watch tv really late at night (I was 10), and I ended up watching When a Stranger Calls, which gave me nightmares for weeks. I didn't watch it again until about six months ago. So that would be 22 years between viewings.

    It's not as scary as I remember. But it's still got an edge to it.

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    Dec 2001
    Mr. Cool Ice
    Gotta be Grease....

    I remember seeing it as a kid in drive-in nad just recently saw it agian for only the 2nd time.

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