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Thread: Universal Sufferage.

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    Cyburbian SW MI Planner's avatar
    Feb 2002
    Pause for self examination: Do you really think I flame? I sure hope I don't come off that way. It is my intention to seriously debate and engage, but never to flame. I may make someone AbFab from time to time, but never flame.
    Nope, of course not! It wasn't really directed toward anyone in particular. I just didn't want to get flamed like I did when I said everyone who lives in the US should speak English.

    Honest answer: When the Dems make it worth their time they do. I have seen the get out the vote bus working the winos first hand.
    Ok, so the Dems work that group, but do the Jerry Springer guests, winos, hilljacks, and rednecks of the world really go vote? it just seems like its hard enough to get the "educated" folk out there so I can't belive that they do. ((But really don't know))

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    Oct 2001
    Them damn happy/chipper Fish Eat'in Nuns with all their Roman questions -that's whose runinin A'Merica!

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    I don't know about who deserves votes and who doesn't. However, being counted part of the most intelligent 5%(ish) of the country (scary, isn't it?), it does worry me that so many uninformed think that their view is a worthy opinion. It isn't. Mine isn't. It doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken into account but it shouldn't be the sole input, either.

    Having said that, if they made votes more valuable with a more obvious impact, more people would take an interest in using them. But that's getting a little to Heinlein for my tastes...
    Glorious Technicolor, Breath-Taking CinemaScope and Stereophonic Sound!

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    Nov 2002
    I guess the optimistic view is that your vote is cancelling out the vote of the Jerry Springer wife/sister beater. On second thought, that's not very optimistic is it?

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