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Thread: Local Views

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    Local Views

    I don't think that I have posted any local images from my area yet. Well, here is my little corner of the world.

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    Can someone tell me how to post more than one picture per message?


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    Nice streetscape I guess, got any more?

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    Originally posted by jestes
    Can someone tell me how to post more than one picture per message?
    Store the images on a Web site that you might have, and insert a reference to them using vB Code ... see http://www.cyburbia.org/forums/misc....&action=bbcode .

    I'd refer you to the Cyburbia Gallery ... you can still upload images and refer to their URLs in your posts here, but the thumbnail feature is broken for now.
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    Originally posted by Mike DeVuono
    Nice streetscape I guess, got any more?
    Thanks Mike, I do have several more. Check out my gallery. I still have a few more to post there. This particular image is downtown Hattiesburg. The building in the foreground is my office building (Chancery Court Facility). The view is south on Main Street. Hattiesburg has a very nice downtown, we have worked hard in the last few years revitalizing. Several new restaurants have opened recently as well as a good grouping of art galleries.

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    Well, the gallery is still sporadic. Here is another:

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    My little corner

    This area is about to undergo a 2 year street reconstruction project, widening to 4 through lanes and turning lanes. Streetscaping and landscpaing are in the works, including burying all the overhead utilties. Should be fun...

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    Here are a couple more. The first is looking the opposite way down Main Street. The foreground is obvious. The background is the Federal Building and the City's Cultural Center.

    The next image is the Forrest County Circuit Courthouse, Circa 1907.

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    Forrest County Courthouse

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