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Thread: GIS Question

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    GIS Question

    Question for those who know GIS

    I'm updating a cities zoning map.....
    they want a development that hasn't a won't be recorded by the county for a while in the map. Generally I just use the counties parcel map......so, i got an autocad version of the new development from the engineer, but I can't get it to coordinate with the parcel map.

    The auto cad plat is just floating by itself. a long ways away from the city

    ANY HELP!!!!!!!!!

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    They need to tie in the coordinates of the CAD file. We require the digital file at the time of preliminary plat so that we have the option of tying it to our GIS and cadastral data.

    This is our requirement, which is Wisconsin-specific, but you get the drift:

    l) A digital *.DXF, *.DGN file, or *.DWG file of the preliminary plat shall be submitted to the City on 3-1/2 diskette or CD ROM concurrent with the preliminary plat submittal, and all information shall be tied to and referenced to the State Plane NAD 1927 Wisconsin South Zone or others approved by the GIS Coordinator. All digital files shall be submitted in accordance with the minimum standards as approved by the Common Council and amended from time to time.

    We also have specific standards for digital file format, which I can email you if you private message me with your addy.

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    The easiest way to fix this may be to insert the block(proposed subdivision) then move it to the appropriate spot on the map and place a note mentioning that it is for infomation purposes only.

    Or like Bturk said, get the developer to match with you.
    Too lazy to beat myself up for being to lazy to beat myself up for being too lazy to... well you get the point....

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