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Thread: Article - Four Books That Should Be On Every City Officials’ Summer Reading List

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    Article - Four Books That Should Be On Every City Officials’ Summer Reading List


    “Move: Putting America’s Infrastructure in the Lead,” by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, 2015

    “Urban Acupuncture – Celebrating Pinpricks of Change that Enrich City Life,” by Jaime Lerner, 2014

    “The Metropolitan Revolution-How Cities and Metros are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy,” by Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley, 2013

    “The Resilience Dividend Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong,” by Judith Rodin, 2014

    Has anybody read any of these & would you recommend it ?

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    Reading "Move". It's fairly good although she has a bias against "bureaucracy" when she doesn't always explain what she means by it. For example, she's all for Uber without realizing that some first generation Americans have big loans they paid out for medallions thinking they would be worth something, and Uber is taking that value away. I am all for moving away from old models of transportation but let's think of the human element.

    Also, her tone is a little too folksy for someone who is a Harvard Business School professor. She describes a meeting with a Turkish official and that while she was talking business with they guy, "her staff" was "munching" on the candy he gave them. Nice to know the lil folks are happy with their sweets.

    So far the interesting takeaways are: that rail freight did exactly what passenger rail was supposed to do, move away from a public system to a private profitable system. And that flying sucks the joy out of everyone.

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    Not that it's relevant to the book (I haven't read it), but she should have explained Turkish traditions. It's normal to offer someone candy or coffee or something when you're doing business and it's generally rude not to accept.
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