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Thread: Thanks Dan...

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    Thanks Dan...

    ...for the kudos. I do a bit of website work myself, so I know the undertaking of transferring data to a new host.

    Keep up the great work....it's a shame that APA doesn't realize the resource they could have had by using Cyburbia's forums for their "Planning after September 11" message boards.
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    De nada. Just want to give credit where credit is due.

    Now that the boards have been updates, it's time for Phase Two of the Great Cyburbia Update of 2002 -- updating the database. There's a lot of bad links that need updating, a new MySQL based hierarchical directory and search engine that needs to be installed (with the links moved over from the old database to the new), and, sadly, the purging of the architecture links. Unfortunately, nobody is interested in maintaining the "architecture side" of Cyburbia, so I'll just archive the current CGI-generated pages, and purge the database.

    I'd really like to work closer with the APA and other organizations, and I've even approached APA leaders during the recent conference. No interest. I don't know if there's still bad blood over the Online Resources for Planners PAS report "issue" or not; I think that could be a factor, sadly. Cyburbia gets very few hits from planning.org, so I can only assume that there's some animosity on their part.
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