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Thread: Updated design standards

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    Updated design standards

    Local design standards in commercial and industrial zones do not exist beyond 20 feet landscaped setback. Thinking of reducing the setback (maximum?) and relegating parking to side and rear of the building. I can already hear the business owns crying about that idea. What are some "thinking outside the box" (I hate that cliché) elements you have for design in general commercial or industrial zones?

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    My last city had something about park on the side or rear, but if you put up some screening the parking is okay. It had to look normal like a berm with maybe a two foot decorative wall on top. It didn't fully screen parking, but it made the place look better. We also required breaking up parking rows, placing trees in the parking lots, and for super center stuff you had to break the thing into organized quadrants with drive aisles that act like collectors and manage stacking at the lights.
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    I've also seen reducing setbacks depending on the type of buffer utilized - a stone wall and evergreen landscaping can turn into setting a building further into a setback than a block wall and a few shrubs.
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