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Thread: Developing cities in developing nations

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    Developing cities in developing nations


    This site is so great, that is Cyburbia! I found this mit site when I was looking for pictures of Bogota, Colombia on google image search. I would like to hear what people think. I have always been interested to study the approach that organizations, governments, etc.. take to improve major hell hole poverty crime disease infested city enviroments. One place I have been watching over the years is a place called El Cartucho in Bogota. It is so scary to think that children and families have to push through life in such horrific conditions. I know there are worse places -it can always get worse.

    A collection of photos of the streets http://it.photos.yahoo.com/bc/enzoba...tos.yahoo.com/

    heres a picture that doesn't really do justice http://www.pixelpress.org/travelogue/0222.html

    heres another you can see the street and how nasty it is http://ca.news.yahoo.com/020808/5/o5oe.html

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    Thanks, Irish One. I am myself very interested in redevelopment and revitalization of distressed areas in America - urban and rural. As bad as things are here though, you really make a point that places like Bogota are far worse.

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    Yes, America interest me very much as well

    Last night I stumbled across some photos of St. Louis and was shocked by the images od decay and stats about the loss population over the last 50 years. capital has left town and it seems there is no tax base. Very scary.

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    Thanks. That's a great site that shows some of the important work planners can do overseas. If I were more adventurous that would be a great line of work. To bad we didn't apply "urban improvement" rather than "urban renewal" to cities here.

    It really puts into perspective what we people are concerned with here - "That condo development needs higher arborvitaes!." vs. what people are concerned with in the 3rd world - "I need a house and clean drinking water so my family doesn't die!"

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    I'm also interested in this subject. ...but since there hasn't been a reply to this one in twelve years, should I take it there are not many others here who are? I just posted about it in the Make No Small Plans forum, so maybe that will revive the topic for awhile.

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