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Thread: Online / e-learning modules?

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    Online / e-learning modules?


    So I've been trying to transition into the urban planning field for some time now, without any real success. I have a degree in Environmental Science and have had some coursework in Urban and Transportation Planning. I've done my homework and I'm pretty sure this is the field where I'd like to be dedicating my efforts. Right now, a masters degree is out of the question because I don't really qualify for the ones I like and I am incapable of paying for them.

    I'm wondering if there are short modules/certificates in urban and transportation planning that can be earned online. I've taken some of the planetizen courses but I honestly don't think they are that great so far. I've taught myself GIS and read a lot on the subject. I think having some extra coursework will prove my dedication and possibly help me qualify me for grad school in the next two years along with the GRE. I don't want an entire masters program or anything of that sort, maybe two or three modules so I don't break my wallet completely.


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    Seri offers a lot of good his modules and their certificate program. I think his is a good gateway into planning for people with no related degree. It makes you instantly useful and starts the experience you need.

    I can't say that I've seen a lot of great online courses. They tend to focus on big subjects or fluffy stuff. You really can't teach someone to review or create site plans without hands on work. Sometimes a good entry level gig is better than any course you can take.

    Good luck
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    There's a good GIS online class offered through Pace University. It's free. Goes pretty in depth and flexible based off your interests.

    On Coursera, there is a UPenn class called Designing Cities and an Ohio State class about Cities and Technology. Both are good overviews of the topic and are taught be leading researchers/professors in the field.

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