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Thread: Residential Dowzoning

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    Residential Dowzoning

    A plan has been introduced in our city to "downzone" from residential multifamily/two-family to single family using amortization as the implementation technique. This plan would give property owners a time period in which they would have to replace duplexes with single family homes. After much research I have found no other instances where this has been done. If anyone has any information/comments on any aspect of the residential downzoning process especially using amortization (legality, past experience) it would be appreciated.

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    That would be unusual. Typically in a case like that, the area would be "rightzoned" or "downzoned" to the predominant use in the area, but the duplexes would be allowed to remain as "legal non-conforming uses". Should the use be abandoned for a period of at least a year, (some states may vary on that) then the duplex could not be re-established.

    Amortizing out the legal use is rare, I've seen that done for things like billboards, but not for residential density.

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