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Thread: Rate Architects and Projects - FUN!

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    We've been working on a new program for Archibot.com and we could use some help getting it started. We've created a beta version of Archibot HorOrNot, an Architecture Rating page.

    If you haven't seen amihotornot.com, chekc that out. This is the same but for architecture projects and architects only. It's a database where users can post their own pictures so that other visitors can rate and comment on them.

    The catagories are:
    famous project
    unknown project
    famous architect
    unknown architect

    We hope you check it out & post some pictures so that we can test the database.


    We had some problems with the software, but the good news is that Architecture HotOrNot is working properly again. Thank you to everybody who already signed up! We have over 80 accounts already!
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    Great concept! For a while, I was thinking about creating a "Am I Sprawl or Not" poll, but I can't find the software anywhere.
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