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Thread: Municipal restructuring and planning

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    Municipal restructuring and planning

    Does anybody have an example of a municipal government (anywhere in the world) that has gone through a government reform and restructuring process, particularly amalgamation. I am researching the impacts of amalgamation on the planning function, specifically, "Is bigger better for the planning function?")

    Thanks for the help.

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Um...seeing as you're from Canada I assume you already know of the recent Canadian (okay Ontarian)examples (Sudbury, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, etc. etc.), and are looking to see if other parts of the world have screwed it up as much as we did?

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    Nov 2001
    coffee county, ga
    As a former consultant (US) who did planning organization consolidation studies in Georgia, I objectively found that amalgamation has service delivery benefits. Amalagmation will have short-term cost impacts from capitalization on the front end until organizational scale economies are realized. Long range planning functions are easier to merge than current planning, usually due to land development code differences.

    However, if designed properly it can provide service benefits to taxpayers, citizens, developers and the organization.

    In the US, local government officials are mesmerized by consolidation advocates who misleadingly espouse exaggerated cost savings. These savings are usuually achieved only with publicly provided private-type services (solid waste, water utilities, recreation, etc.)

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    Yes, I do know of the other amalgamations in Ontario. I am currently working for the new City of Hamilton, and know the "effects" of amalgamation first hand. I am looking to see the impacts on other municipalities, possibly for a Master's Thesis.


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