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Thread: Updating defintions in our Code - need graphics

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    Updating defintions in our Code - need graphics

    I'm looking for some good examples of graphics that help define terms in the Code. For example, we have written definitions of what is the front, side and rear yards, but no graphic that illustrates this. Same for streetyards, etc.

    Do any of you have some graphics that you are willing to share? It can be as many as you want - we are updating several sections of the Code and your helpful graphic may fit right in - somewhere!

    Thanks, and also let me know of any funky defintions you have included in your Code - our definitions section is too slim.
    "We do not need any other Tutankhamun's tomb with all its treasures. We need context. We need understanding. We need knowledge of historical events to tie them together. We don't know much. Of course we know a lot, but it is context that's missing, not treasures." - Werner Herzog, in Archaeology, March/April 2011

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    Looking for something like this -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ZC graphic.jpg
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    Porter County Indiana http://www.porterco.org/index.aspx?NID=415

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