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Thread: BS&A Field Inspection

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    Apr 2014
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    BS&A Field Inspection

    Has anyone had any experience with BS&A's Field Inspection module? Our department makes extensive use of Building.net for all of our Community Development work (code enforcement, permits, projects, etc). However, we're looking into Field Inspection to help make our code enforcement workflow more efficient and have it be easier and quicker for the officers.

    Does anyone use this already, or know personally of communities that have had success with implementing this? If so, what types of equipment did you go with? How long did it take to adjust?

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    Feb 2004
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    Code enforcement module took a few weeks to get used to. Before BSA we used HTE (think 1990's vintage monochrome screen). Reports can get a little complicated but for every day code enforcement data entry it's quick and efficient.
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    How about a program that integrates planning actions into the mix and does some level of accounting for incoming payments? I'm looking at my options and would really like to easily see all the information on a parcel in the same spot. Any suggestions?
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