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Thread: Townships and tax exempt property

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    Sep 2016
    Saybrook Township Ohio

    Townships and tax exempt property

    Does anyone know why a Tax-exempt agency Like a Metro Parks, who wants to buy property in a township, would need to involve said township before going ahead with the deal, even when they were buying the land off a private company within the township? Would it have to do with loss tax $'s Thanks in advance for any help

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    My only thought is that they are a tax exempt entity and if they buy land they would take away from your tax base. I don't know if you would have any say in the purchase though. There must be something in the state statutes that would explain it.

    Every now and then I get companies that apply for tax exemptions (temporary) and I (the county) have to send letters to the townships and any other taxing authority to get comments, but mine deals with economic incentives, not land purchases.
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