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Thread: Evaluation of completed transportation plans (implementation)

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    Evaluation of completed transportation plans (implementation)


    I'm looking for any kind of resource (best practice reports, reviews, academic papers, case studies, reports etc..) detailing how to do an implementation review of a supposedly "complete" transportation plan. Specifically, a transit infrastructure plan, but I'll take what I can get.

    i.e. I'm looking for some examples of other folks checking to see if a transit plan actually got implemented (or not). I've been having a very difficult time finding any examples of this. Any help would be appreciated! Surely some planners are involved with this type of work?


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    Feb 2013
    The Midwest, God's gift to Planet Earth
    There aren't a whole lot of cities that even have Transit Plans, but my guess is that the ones that do have created them fairly recently (case in point: Seattle DOT's Transit Master Plan Update). Hence, that might be the reason you are having trouble finding evaluation documents.

    I do know that something else SDOT is becoming a pioneer in doing a strategic plan and then doing an evaluation/performance measures of the department's work as a whole. I have a Power Point about that if you'd like to email me (akshali DOT gandhi AT pittsburgh pa DOT gov), but I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for.

    What size city/jurisdiction are we talking here? Large American city? county? metro region? rural transit system?

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