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Thread: Showing annexations in ArcGIS

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    Showing annexations in ArcGIS

    I appologize if this has been covered previously, if it has please direct me where.
    I will need to show an annexation on our city map, including updating boundaries, zoning etc.
    Could someone please direct me to good information, provide directions/tips, or anything. I am researching right now, of courst this is something that was covered in my GIS course I took in college, should have taken that class more seriously.

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    What you need to do isn't difficult, but kind of hard to explain on a forum.

    Have you tried the ESRI tutorials? http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/...0000033000000/ You will probably want to run through those.

    Also, before you start messing around with your own data, make sure you back it up.

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    This really is dependent on your data model. Can you share a bit more detail in how your system is set up?

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    We keep up with our annexations by creating new data layer with the fields you need to show
    Our City show Ordinance Number, Date of Annexation, Decade (to show growth over decades), Hyperlink to Ordinance, Original Zoning when Annexed into City, Generic Name

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    Unless you can download spatial data on municipal annexations in-house, you might have to create/edit features for the annexation boundary in ArcGIS.

    Here are some basic tutorials.
    How to Draw Features

    How to Create Shapefiles:

    Land Planning / Quality Management Suggestions:

    1. Because a municipal annexation is a legal boundary, I would recommend drawing the boundary in CAD with calls and saving it as a dwg file. The .dwg data is imported into ArcGIS and the vector linework is transformed to the right coordinate system.
    2. If your annexation boundary overlaps the corporate limits of an abutting municipality, it's planning jurisdiction, county line, there's a discrepancy. This is where the legal boundary comes in handy where you would need to rectify the differences in boundaries.
    3. Will the annexation impact the ETJ boundary of your community? Will the ETJ boundary need to change.

    I understand if these tasks are far larger in scope than merely dropping in a shapefile or a feature class. Then again, this isn't a sidewalk or a park shapefile but an annexation boundary, which requires additional QA/QC work on the GIS and planning sides. Just my two cents.
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